Covid-19 Signage

Wall Graphics – Bring your walls and your brand to life with our custom made Wall Graphics.

We enjoy creating feature wall graphics that transforms any room or space. Every clients’ need is different so our team will discuss every aspect of the work with clients from designing graphics to sourcing images, to printing and finally installation. Our Wall Graphics can be custom made to suit any wall or finish to create maximum impact. Choose from indoor or outdoor wall graphics with strong imagery and bold colours. We have a selection of Wall Graphics we supply;

-Wall Vinyl with Laminate

-Textured & Smooth Wallpaper

-Eco-friendly Wallpaper & Printing

Floor Graphics – Create the WOW factor with our custom made Floor Graphics to get your business/service noticed.

We create stylish Floor Graphics for a wide variety of applications. The Floor Graphics are printed on a sturdy 3-year foot traffic resistant film and laminated using an anti-skid laminate. It features a clear removable adhesive, making it easy to change out graphics when needed.

Floor Graphics are an ideal branding solution for point of sale floors, exhibition spaces and warning/wayfinding systems. Make the most out of the space you have by using this extremely creative way to draw attention to your business/service/offer.

Get branding hard floors or carpets with our self-adhesive floor vinyl. We offer a wide range of vinyl floor graphics so choose from the following for whichever suits your needs;

Indoor floor vinyl (low traffic) – short-term use, non-laminated, R9 non-slip, for interior flooring and carpet.

Indoor floor vinyl (high traffic) – long-term use, non-slip laminate, for interior flooring and carpet.

Outdoor floor vinyl – long term, R12 non-slip rated Alufoil, for exterior surfaces such as tarmac.

Contact our team for more information regarding Covid-19 Signage.

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